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funny lyric misunderstandings


funny lyric misunderstandings


i think everyone kinda knows that:

you hear a song and then start singing it without really being sure what the lyrics are...


what were funny misunderstandings of lyrics you might have sang yourself for some time? or maybe you liked the line you understood even better than the original one?


i can remember that i always sang (and still do) 

"she gives appropriate shape to my heart"

instead of

"she keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart"

when we used to play NIRVANA's Aneurysm.



what's your own favorite misunderstanding?






27 Replies

First time here in the Spotify forums, so sorry if I obliterated the unspoken rules here

Before the Chorus, it's supposed to be:

"Give me, give me, give me"

But no matter what, I always hear:

"Kermit, Kermit, Kermit"


Very fun topic @mkmusic


What it supposed to be:

"All my friends are heathens, take it slow"


What I heard:

"All my friends are eating steak and snow"

@mkmusic one of my favourites is 'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver


I always sing it:


"And I told you to be badass" in the bridge.

"we shrink and turn back time

to the good old days" ^^


in 21 pilots stressed out





"Let's pee in the corner, let's pee in the spotlight."

Just suddenly remembered one track from years ago:

Another electronic dance track was released and it became very very popular.

I was a member of a certain site for young people of Estonia. Every now and then there was some topic in the forums, or someone coming to the chatroom with the following question:


"What's the name of this song where it says "Like a cheese sex" or something?"


That's the song:




@Sebasty ha good one


Instead of 'I don't have to worry', I now hear 'I'm a cassowary' in Flume's remix of Hermitude's Hyperparadise



The first time I heard this on radio, I thought it was "Banana o nana"...

@rossi1911 wasnt it ? 😉



"It's too late to call a jive" even after learning the name of the song it didn't click what was being said for me




@LionScale ha good one, I can hear that

@LionScale I can't unhear that from now on 🙂


"Power rangers, power rangers..." instead of "the raindrops, the raindrops"

i got another one, too





me hearing:

"like a dog without a bone

that had to run alone"   - original: "an actor out on loan"


"if you give this man a ride

sweet memory will die" - original: "sweet family will die"


once again i like more what i heard ;-)))






"Baby drop it like it's Stalin Stalin"


Real lyrics: "Baby drop it like it's stolen stolen"

Misunderstanding since forever

"she says:

hello, you fool, I love you!

Come on, join the choir, join the choir"




It's supposed to be joyride, not an especially cheerful music teacher.


The following wasn't originally by me, but I'm not really able to hear it right anymore:

"your lice are bullets

your mouse a gun

and no war in England

was ever won..."

"ilona hay ilona hay"

a girl from hungary, maybe?





Lol, This is a great thread 😛
The latest song to trip me up was Post Malone's 92 Explorer. I could've sworn he said "Man, look at all my LICE." (Man, look at all my ice).



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