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"Classical" Music Hub Discussion Thread


"Classical" Music Hub Discussion Thread

I can see many people cringing just by my use of the term, but for lack of a better term and to be more accessible for those who are not extremely dedicated to these "forms" of music, I dub the title such.


In general this thread is for discussion of  "classical music" as a whole. Relatively, the community of classical music fans tend to be put in the shadows of more publicized mediums of music. I felt that it would be interesting if we could start a well-established community of us here on spotify, especially since a lot of musical groups we enjoy have a lot to benefit from Spotify. Spotify will be more able to accomodate us if we are well-organized.


So if you are a world-reknown English Horn player, composer, someone who casually listens to Pachebel's Canon to relax, or are looking for the name of a piece of music you heard somewhere, here is a place to discuss classical music.

~Soli Deo Gloria~
* If you see a single asterisk like before this sentence, it most likely denotes sarcasm.

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Classical Musicians Unite!
9 Replies

I second the motion!


I see how you qualify "classical" and think it's fair to lose the quotations under this context.  I honestly think that debating about the nitty gritty of the term will distance people from appreciating it.  I would rather leave this to the "you'll know it when you hear it" criterion.

That said, many people have more or less encountered classical music.  When it comes to asking someone if they dig classical music or not they won't be sure how to answer it.


What I like to do in that situation is to let them listen to Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1 - THEN you'll get a reaction.

Yeah, I generally agree, but I want to appeal to everybody, do you think I should drop the quotes after the first time?


That's a good piece. I try to match something for every person. Some people prefer something generally more like Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune. And if people try to say that new music isn't being written or say its old, I usually refer them to Eric Whitacre or a Film/TV music writer.


But its always great to have someone who really enjoys some less famous composers, that you happen to know too. I love it when people know who Carl Nielsen is.

~Soli Deo Gloria~
* If you see a single asterisk like before this sentence, it most likely denotes sarcasm.

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Classical Musicians Unite!

What do you suppose it would take to revive this thread?


There must be a lot of classical music lovers here on Spotify, and if so there's sure to be some benefit by our staying in touch with one another, organized in some way. Lossless streaming, long song titles, shuffle and playlists of "songs" only ... these are just a few of the issues that matter to us. 


Is there anything we can do here, in the Spotify forums, to support one another and encourage one another to let our needs be known to Spotify?

If anyone stumbled on here/commented on this thread, I've created a thread where we all post some of our favorite pieces of classical music!

I'm new to Spotify, but I've been a serious classical music lover for many years. One of the things that aggravates me about classical playlists on Spotify is their tendency to only play short clips of pieces. If I hear Appalachian Spring, I want to hear the whole thing, not just a 2 minute clip. It's especially annoying when you hear one movement from a symphony, and a few tracks later, they play another movement from the same symphony. 

Does anyone else find this annoying?

I'm on a trial period for premium, but this is enough to not make it worth the price for me.

Hi Jonas! Nice to know that you would like to be part of our constellation! In the attached link you will find the answers. Strong hug!


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Love "Classical" music, Satie is my fav traditional and Newman is my fav contemporary composer.


Who are your favorites??

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