ALL DECADES WELCOME - Post your best throwback playlists.

ALL DECADES WELCOME - Post your best throwback playlists.

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@ourladybeth: nice playlist, lovely cover too, looks familiar to me 🙂 :

Classic Rock Hits mixed with New Artists and some of the best tunes you somehow missed over the years.


Here are two playlists filled with The Bee Gees (including songs they wrote for other artists). Their career spans several decades and they are musically diverse. I hope you like it! 🙂


Hi there, here are my playlists for sharing, I love to play playlist base on decade, old music is the best!

You can follow my playlists if u like it, I'll keep on updating and making new one!

Thanks! 😄


90's rock music playlist


90's playlist, with R&B and Pop classic hits


80's rock music playlist, mostly hard rock and metal


another 80's playlist, with hits pop songs and some dance/electro music


70's rock playlist, with many classic long songs


70's playlist, mostly pop/soul hits


playlist with all the oldies from 50's 60's, mostly traditional pop and vocal jazz!


00's playlist, songs that people born in the 90's grew up with~ high school's memories

So Cool! I remember being in my early 20s and everybody I knew left their TV tuned to MTV 24/7.

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