Any Chris Stapleton Fans

Any Chris Stapleton Fans

I'm a huge Chris Stapleton fan. I found him when he was singer for the Steeldrivers. He has a wonderful blues quality to his voice and I'm excited for a new album. His latest single was just released.


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Aren't those Steeldrivers recordings amazing? In Nashville, he was one of those guys who everybody loved and just prayed would catch the right break.

@brian_mansfield They are just amazing. When I first heard Blue Side Of the Mountain, I was blown away. They blend Bluegrass, Soul and Blues in away I just hadn't heard in bluegrass. His voices has so much emotion. I'm glad he finally has gotten the recognition he deserves. 

The thing a lot of people who've discovered Stapleton in the last few years don't realize is how many songs of his other people have recorded. (I knew he'd had some success, but I was surprised when I went back and looked at just how much success he'd had — he even had a bonus track on an Adele album).

I put together a playlist of some of the biggest cuts he's had. It's not everything — many of these acts have cut several of his songs – but it's got the hits on it, and then some.

I did the same


If you've got the Jompson Brothers on there, you went way deeper than I did!


I do indeed. 🙂 On a side note, I'd love for some of his SteelDrivers sound to come into his solo material, or collaborate with the original band again.

Does anyone have a donwnload of Chris singing Another Try? I think it was recorded by Josh turner, but Chris also has a studio version. It would be amazing to find it!!

I remember watching video after video of his live performances of then-unproduced songs he'd been writing on YouTube and waiting in the news for some word of when/if he was ever going to release them. Even though I've got Premium, I bought the album on iTunes the day it came out, because I wanted to support what I thought was great music as much as I possibly could. All the major artists in the industry were tweeting about it when it was released, but no one seemed to notice for a long time. I wanted him to be recognized so badly. I shared him with everyone I knew. Then he became a household name within four minutes on an awards show I refused to watch out of contempt for the direction of Nashville at the time. Suddenly, good music was back on the mainstream country radio stations where I lived. It's really cool having that feeling that "I caught on first" and I feel like before Spotify that never really happened. I wasn't discovering new artists. Love the new singles, I think it'll be a really cool album. If you haven't seen him live, you definitely should. I remember wanting to head to Nashville to see him open for Jason Isbell at the Ryman before he got big, and only a year later I was watching Jason Isbell 'open' for Chris in Philly. The guys I'm waiting to blow up now are Jeffrey Martin, Caamp, and Colter Wall. Colter Wall's got Dave Cobb producing his next album, so keep an eye out for that.

@giggoers thanks for the recommendations. I need to see him live. He conveys so much emotion in a studio recording, I imagine live that's just magnified. I was like you, sharing his music with anyone I could when I found the Steeldrivers. I'd be showing people were no fan of country and especially not bluegrass because he is that good.

I LOVE him!! I also love just country music in general, but he is REAL country music.

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Hey y'all, I just love Chris Stapleton. His albums with the Steeldrivers are phenomenal and I really love his solo stuff. I don't want to grave dig an old thread, but has "Sometimes I Cry" disappeared for anyone else? It's absolutely one of my favorites from him and I felt like I was losing my mind when it wasn't in my playlist anymore. It's just not appearing on the album at all and doesn't come up in search. 

Once you find out please let me know


Yes, it has for me. That's strange considering it's just one song and not the whole album.

Yes, Dangit!!! And that was one of my favorites. I reeled in several of my friends to listen to him because of his vocals on that song. I would love to know why it disappeared and if it will be back 

@bbrady68 It's really a great example of what makes him so special. He has a voice that goes beyond genre boundaries. When I first heard him in Steel Drivers what came to mind was how he brought a blues/soul quality with his voice.


On a side note what does everyone think of the new tracks?

i have only found him singing it one time and i cannot for the life of me remember where it was at. If you have or do find it please post it on here so i  can enjoy it along with everyone else. Thanks!

Did u find it? Im desperately looking for it too

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