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here are two of my most listened playlists, they include pop punk/rock/metal/hip hop/rap/r&b.




Pop Punk/Rock/Metal


Enjoy listening 😉

Hello, cool playlists!

Hope you could check this one out, it has the best songs from unknown music artists.

I'm pretty sure anyone would like Arivian - a mood

Enjoy! :))


Hello! My own playlist "Indie, alternative and experimental rock lesser known tracks!" (playlist futures fresh songs with less than 500k streams) from debuting artists and off the radar bands. Have a nice listen!


Indie, alternative and experimental rock lesser known tracks! 

Here all of my songs, enjoy listen and share 😃🤘

This is a playlist that is still Alt/indie which you seem to enjoy, but with a more grungy angsty edge

heyy ❤️

for sad days


its reaaaally mixed i dont really know what vibes this give lol but its soo good u should give it a try


when u feel like having fun with some hiphop&rap

Hey! Sweet playlists! Here I've shared a couple of mine, both works in progress. One of them I'm reliving my scene high school days with a bunch of emo, pop punk and metalcore; the other is a general EDM playlist. Hope you like them, please follow if you do :).


Hiii! I followed your playlist 🙂

Follow mine back! 😄

this is a vibe, not a great vibe, but a vibe. 



A playlist with a mix of piano and acoustic guitar songs. I update it every Monday

Best rap music, im trying to get to 1000 followers on it.

Not a fan of the imagery incorporated with the music but i recently discovered the artist Dated who produces (dark) lofi hip-hop - i hadn't given the genre much of a chance before but Lovecraft Bumps was the first album of Dated's i came across and. Yeah. 'S'awesome. This particular song i share, while not on that album, /forces/ me to vibe every time i hear it - when the horns kick in and the beat carries on, oof

you might like these comfy alternative r&b vibes ❤️

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