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Background Music Thread


Background Music Thread

Good morning community!

Vacation is over and work has just started. Feels like the playlists I usually use as background music has become kind of repetitive though.


Do you guys have any suggestions? 

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Hi! It depends what kind of music you like to play in the background.
I like to play mellow sounds because it inspires me and helps me concentrate! Here's my chill playlist:
I also like to play older songs sometimes when I'm working:
And I got a playlist of songs that remind me of fall, since it's coming up (and usually associated with going back to school/work)!

This is awesome, thanks a lot! I really like seasonal playlists, feels natural to switch music genres during the year. I can give a quick recommendation back based on the songs in your playlists and that is Lianne La Havas new self-titled album, it has a cool vibe ✌️

Thank you, I will definitely check it out!

Here is my ‘String Textures’ playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical string music. Great for background music, relaxation, focus, reading or if you just love string music! Please have a listen/follow if you like 👏

Awesome! Haven't had the time to do a full listen through, but so far it sounds like a great background playlist ✌️

Indie folk artists like Billie Marten, Fenne Lily, Phoebe Bridgers etc have very 'consistent' sounding music. Idk if that would be boring but its great background music for me.

It really depends on what I'm doing, but when I wanna focus while working I listen to chill, lofi beats. Check the playlist out! 

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