Best Irish and Celtic music

Best Irish and Celtic music

Check out this nice playlist with the best Irish and Celtic music:

The Best of Irish & Celtic Music




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Got to have more Pogues and Kirsty MacColl!

He guys, great playlists...can you add this song to it?

How about this song, Down In The Cully by Stuart Love, for a new addition to your playlist? Nice n short and very catchy!


Thanks for sharing 🙂 I LOVE Celtic music!! Here's a fantasy celtic piece that I think is a good fit

Cool playlist! Thanks for adding our song!

Would you give this a listen and see if it fits your list? It's the classic irish folk song: O Danny Boy

We play many celtic pieces, i would be honoured if you would listen to one.

This one for example:


Would something like that fit your list?


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