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Bluesy jazz


Bluesy jazz

Let's investigate the frontier between jazz and blues.



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Nice list! Following that and now following you. I put together a list of tunes I'd expect to hear in a smoky speakeasy. All very jazzy-bluesy stuff.
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Thanks! I follow you back. 
I began to listen to your playlist and I already know I will like it! 🙂 

Thanks for sharing! 🙂 

I also noticed that we have the same taste about "ambient" and "downtempo" music. Cool. New playlists to dig! 😉 

Awesome! Yes, your account is a treasure trove of stuff I'm into. It'll take a while to explore! 🙂 Thanks!

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Hi Gillian,

I came across a couple of your Spotify playlists as I was looking for places to submit my music. I noticed on your Linkedin profile that you ask artists to "feel free to contact" you for submissions.  I also subbed you on Youtube but am not sure of the best way to contact you directly.

Assuming this is okay, I'll add a link to a couple of songs from my most recent album.


Hard Lessons (Drunk Before the Midnight Mass) by Bud Summers


Endless Fantasy by Bud Summers



So Deep by Bud Summers



Thank you. 

Bud Summers 





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