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Breakup Playlist


Breakup Playlist

Hi All!

Just went through a crappy break-up and we used to passively aggressively communicate through this shared playlist and I decided to make it a more of a curated playlist since I work in music and with super talented artists all the time. Why not?! I am going to keep building them and adding music that definitely deserves some exposure. Glad to hear what you guys have! If you could please support it and check out the other playlists as well! Hit me up on IG I'm around!


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I'm definitely gonna start listening to ROLE MODEL after hearing this. Super dope!

Nice! I like yours too! I followed it back.  If you're into that kind of music you might actually dig my style. It's def along those lines of chill/sad. I'm in a couple of those playlists. Thanks!


Right?! He's super good!

Yo I love this! I added it. Thanks!

Yeah that dude is certified fire, i had to add him to my playlist

Hope this honest relationship track can help you get over the breakup.

Wow your playlist is lit! Im somewhat new in making playlist in spotify and I think your gonna like this chill RnB playlist, I hope this will helps 





Dope! I like it. Followed for sure

Ooo! This one is lit too. Followed! 

Yo Linneah


I would luuuv to be part of this playlist and help u thru this shitty breakup! My new track is called Evil Romance too so its kinda perfect.


I'm an original artist & songwriter from London UK. Punk-electronic💀 Alternative Rock, lofi hip-hop. Political. FFO Gorillaz, 21 pilots, xxxtentacion, Linkin Park, Korn.


Would be dope to be checked out by you


Below is a trailer for my next track. Lemme know what you think🤟


It's not out yet but here's a pre-save link to it so you can add it to your playlists if you like:


I just released my single called La. La. La. it has a similar vibe to your playlist. Here's the link if you want to check it out:


Breakups suck, sending you lots of love and light!


Terez 🙂 

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