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Calming playlist

honestly whenever I get overwhelmed or stressed out I just whack this playlist on full volume, it still needs tweaking but it really helps me calm myself down so I thought I'd share if any of you guys want to check it out 🙂 if you've got any song suggestions or maybe wanna share some music lmk!

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This is so relaxing; thanks Emily.... < 3

Aw thank you! Glad you like it 🙂 let me know if you have any song suggestions! 


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Hey, I love the songs here and am following your playlist. Please check mine out too, they're very soothing songs, and follow it if you like it! 

Hey Emily, firstly wanted to say that I love your playlist and followed. It's such a breath of fresh air. It seems like it crosses a lot of genres too which I think is really cool! I have a playlist of rock-ish music that makes me feel nostalgic, and although I don't think a lot of the songs would fit in your playlist I can see some fitting right in. 


For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield

Awake by Electric Guest

Golden Cage by The Whitest Boy Alive

Rich Girl by Daryl Hall and John Oates

Flutes by Hot Chip


I'll include my playlist in case you wanna give it a listen 🙂


Hey DivinePhoenix, I love your collection! I did'nt think it was possible to have rock songs in a calm songs playlists, but i think otherwise now. Loved the retro vibe it has!

Here's a link to mine, it has soothing music from lesser known artists.If you like it, then do follow it 🙂 

Love this!

Slightly different vibe but here's mine - updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical piano music. Great for relaxation, self-care, focus, reading or if you just love piano music! Please have a listen/follow if you like 🙂

Awesome playlist! I've recently been having panic attacks so I also made a calming playlist specifically for my panic attacks.

Hey i just checked out you playlist and I absolutely loved it. I see that there mixed genres but surprisingly even the rock was quite calming for me hahah. I actually have a calming playlist of my own that sometimes is so peaceful that i dose off to sleep.Do check it out and give it a follow!



here's one of my all time favourite playlists i think you might like, it's really calming and i love to listen to it when im stressed 


nice playlist. you might also like my relaxing playlist. it contains music from most cultures and styles.

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