Chill Summer Lofi and Chillhop Playlist!

Chill Summer Lofi and Chillhop Playlist!

Sunny, warm and breezy Lofi Hiphop I Chillhop Playlist! Enjoy and follow!

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Hi @caseypletcher23,

This Chill Summer Lofi And Chillhop Playlist Is Really Cool.. The Songs Of The Playlist Are Sunny, Warm And Breezy.. Lofi Hiphop Rock.. Chillhop Rock.. Kudos For The Share Mate..

Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan


Great Playlist! I followed it.

Here's my Lofi Playlist and a best of (my own lofi beets)  playlist.

If you  would consider a submission. Thank you so much. 

Followed your "Very Best" Playlist 😎 feel free to post a link to a specific song you would like to submit to my Summer Playlist. Thanks!

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