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Current Obsession


Current Obsession

If you're like me, when you find a favorite new song, you obsess.  The song is on repeat until your headphones are fed up and command you to stop.  Following in the footsteps of my mother, I tend to do this frequently.


So this post is to share your current obsession.  Please share no more than 2 songs so that we can fully appreciate those particular tunes that have your ears and soul gripped tightly.


Happy listening and obsessing 🙂


To begin, here are my two new favorites...


spotify:track:6QaBosEz0XcT3YuMYeTI1y spotify:track:2HJt1HHD3fAtcVUlOHEJJ4

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this is a song i've been obsessed with ever since i heard it. i'm now looking for Spanish songs that are of similar style.

@user-removed Oh goodness, I like "The Ocean" a lot.  You might've added to my new obsession list 🙂

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Tell me you can get them out of your head?

Hey @redraindog if you could copy the Spotify URL of the songs you want to share and them insert them as a comment by clicking the Link icon above and pasting the link there 🙂 Let me know if that makes sense. 

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Here are mine:


Both of them were "slow burners" for me. took a few listens before i was addicted...




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i cannot count on 90 hands the amount of times i've listened to this song





@redraindog Love it! Ghost dance has been added to my current favorites playlist, that's a great find.

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My roomates pobably hate me for blasting these songs pretty much exclusively the past week lol




@LionScale I love all of these, especially "Blood Under My Belt".  I can understand the obsession 🙂 

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@dustyjmoon I really enjoyed that song and band! I added them to my playlist for artists with <1000 monthly listeners.


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This so blew my tits off when I first listened to it. His album Jardin is a really cute RnB groove. His instrumentation continues to blow me away a month after first listening to it. Great great keyboard player. His use of different percussion and tones just grooves me down to my bones.

@Gibtits haha! Your description convinced me even before I listened to the song lol! love it!

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Can't help it haha. This album gets me in such a good mood!

Liking this Irish singer-songwriter more with every new song I hear. EP Doves & Ravens is coming April 14.

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