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For my Bluegrass friends


For my Bluegrass friends

Probably a handful of Bluegrass people out there at any given time. Here's a short Bluegrass playlist- about 1.75 hours. Enjoy my friends!



 (p.s.- no Bluegrass tag! Foo!)

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Nice list! Following. Here's mine—it's rather extensive and includes some old country, Americana, and folk as well. I'm a yuuuuuuge bluegrass fan, and yes, there should absolutely be a tag!

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I like the mix in of some of those older country tunes, too. Ray Price- yeah! This is going to give me a lot to listen to. Thanks!



I think you both would like our group Wire in the Wood. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine is now putting together a playlist of new Bluegrass releases each month.  Here is our October list so far. 

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