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Funk/Soul Sorta Stuff


Funk/Soul Sorta Stuff

Just something I was messing about with the other day. Threw a few curveballs in there too but feel they all fit the mood I was going for.

Running Time: 2hr53min


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Check out my Soul Jazz spotify playlist folks. You'll hear artists like Sade, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Diana Krall, Nina Simone, Bobby Womack, Morcheeba, Karen Souza, Sarah Menescal, Karrin Allyson, Zara McFarlane and classic jazz artists like Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis (covering Michael Jackson), Horace Silver, Al Jarreau and Dave Brubeck.
It also has a selection of covers from the 80ies, 90ies, (eg Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Metallica, Pink Floyd etc) which have been cast into jazz with female vocals.
The playlist is a delicate balance between soul and swinging jazz - perfect for wine and dinner at night or when you want to unwind.

For you Funk and Soul fans, lots in here and a few genres thrown in for good measure, changes every Friday with a 100 new tracks, starting to finally get a bit of a following, if you enjoy please share on your social media sites. Thanks.


playlist changes ever week play here

@Shake-a-Hoof Great playlist, well made with classics and rare gems!

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Hey guys,


I made a new funk playlist today. It's called Inspired by Santana : Latin Funk & Chicano Rock from the 70s. All tracks are Funky latin rock tracks! Only the funkiest tracks and rare finds:


My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Thanks! A lot of good tips. Some of the early 70's stuff is awsome! I have made my own list as well:

Uhhh this thread is on fire, so funky! Here's my collaboration!


Funky Jazz.jpg



I started collecting funk and soul music from lesser-known bands to my playlist.

Here it is:


I think all songs on my playlist are pretty new, but they got old school vibe on them.


I'm a bit late here, but great playlist anyway. Classic funk, soul and other groovy songs. I'll throw a curve ball too by sharing my playlist which includes funk, soul and all that kind of groovy music from lesser known bands and artists. These are also mostly from this decade, but still have the same classic feel. You should check it out:

Hey, super funky playlist here



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