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Great Ambient Playlists/Tracks

Great Ambient Playlists/Tracks

Hey all,


I love ambient music for when I'm writing, it puts me in the right frame of mind without being intrusive.  I've got two playlists that I'm hoping to fill out, any suggestions (particularly track shout-outs!) would be much appreciated.


Here's "Spice Trance", which trends more towards Myst/Baraka/Middle Eastern territory:


...and "2029", which has more of a Blade Runner/Mass Effect/dark electronica sci-fi flavor:


And in the interest of "Paying it Forward", here are some of the "source" playlists I've been working from.  Thanks!


"Cyberpunk/Future" by James Wong:

"Deus Ex" by Hanna Taylor:

"Baraka Soundtrack" by Carlo Vinci:

"Myst" by Hanna Taylor:

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LA_Import wrote:


Here's "Spice Trance", which trends more towards Myst/Baraka/Middle Eastern territory:


...and "2029", which has more of a Blade Runner/Mass Effect/dark electronica sci-fi flavor:


Hey LA_Import.


Thanks for sharing, these are awesome!


Especially enjoying 2029, Blade Runner is one of my all-time favourite movies/soundtracks. 


Here's a few you might like:

Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life

M83 – Earth 2077 & M83 – StarWaves (Both from the Oblivion soundtrack, which is incredible work)

Henry Jackman – Wreck-It Ralph (An odd choice I know, but another great movie/soundtrack combo)

Bear McCreary – Theme from Defiance


Hope you enjoy them 🙂



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 Anything from the radio shows Echoes & Hearts of Space should fit your bill if you like ambient- they have some albums on Spotify such as Echoes Living Room Concerts & Best of Echoes 2012 Listener Top 25  

I also have created a couple lists:  Celtic/Ambient/Instrumental Space/Ambient 

Excellent suggestions, thanks!

This is my ambient/chill music playlist. Over 800 tracks!


Counting Electric Sheep

A little late to this conversation... I was searching Bear McCreary on the Boards and ended up here.


I've had Bear's "Da Vinci's Demons" soundtrack on repeat for the past couple of days (coder - don't ask :-P).


It is well worth a listen:  Bear McCreary – Da Vinci's Demons (Original Television Soundtrack) 


I enjoy all KINDS of music and have found Bear (and his wife, Raya) have an awesome range.


To see Raya Yarbrough sing a tasty cover of Sweet Love (acapella) on youtube try this:  Sweet Love (Raya Yarbrough: Directed, shot & cut by Bear McCreary) (released on Valentine's Day 2013)


Happy Turkey Day!






Hey, I'm much into all kind of Ambient music, here are some of my playlists with my favorite Ambient/Dark Ambient/Drone Albums


Ambient/Dark Ambient/Drone Album Favorites


Ritual Ambient | Tribal



My Spotify Playlists:

If you have ever heard of Above & Beyond they are absolutely amazing.



Above & Beyond – Small Moments


Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon - Club Mix


Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love


Wow, thanks guys! Will follow all those; I also just discovered the band 65daysofstatic, here's their track "Debutante":

Here are a couple of albums you might like for creative work:


Robert Scott Thompson – Arcana

Robert Scott Thompson – Upon the Edge of Night

Robert Scott Thompson – Frozen Light


Hope you can listen.




Perfect suggestions, thanks guys!

I love ambient music, and I created a playlist for all my favorites for these years.The list always updates, whenever I find new favorites.

Followed, thanks!

Jon Hopkins does a lot of good ambient music. Check this one out!



I also have some playlists you maybe would like




Opalescent by Jon Hopkins is one of my favorite albums. Chilled and relaxed.

Hi guys,


I just wanted to share my playlist that i've been making for a long time. Hope you enjoy.

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