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Grow Your Playlist Following | For Playlists W/ <60 Followers :)


Grow Your Playlist Following | For Playlists W/ <60 Followers :)

Hey Community! Post one playlist for which like to grow your following - please follow the below playlist, and I'll follow the first 30 playlists in the thread.


Here's my playlist -  enjoy, and happy sharing!


30 Replies

Heya Just gave your one a follow and am listening as we speak. Loving it so far 🙂 I would love you to check out some of my playlists too x

r&b vibe

party start up

Little bit of rap

And followed you now!

I like your playlist 😄

Following! Here's one in a very similar vein to yours: Dark & Bluesy.

I like it.

Hey! nice playlist, I just started to follow it and listen to it. I have some good playlists in my profile, although some are very extend haha. I'll share one of my little ones, go and check it out!

You done it, I going to check your other playlist. 

ooh i absolutely adore the artists you have on here, can see myself listening to this really often 🙂

anyhoo, this is a warm fuzzy playlist i really enjoy and wish would blow up - pls don't follow my actual account if that's okay, i just wanna get the ball rolling w this one

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