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Hello Indie Artists!


Hello Indie Artists!

Hi everyone, this is the official main playlist for Exquisite Noise Records. We are an underground label dedicated to helping indie artists since 1991. If you think you have a song that would work on here (basically, nothing too poppy or slick, no Christian or classical...those are pretty much the major no-nos), let us know and we might indeed feature it.


All we ask is that you follow the playlist in return. It's kind of strange to think this would be any sort of issue, but it is - we get artists all the time who want us to check out their link, listen to a song, add it and promote it...but they can't even take a millisecond to click a little heart icon on a playlist featuring their own track. When that happens we delete the song. Otherwise it will probably stay on there indefinitely. So this is some potentially great publicity for you!

5 Replies

Eva: Thanks for responding! Is there a song in particular you wanted us to add? If so just let us know. Thanks!


Jason McGathey

Exquisite Noise Records

Fedras: Oh yeah, that's exactly what we're looking for! Okay, we have added it to our playlist. Thanks for taking the time to respond! Best of luck with your endeavors!



Exquisite Noise Records

Thank you; very much appreciated; Following the playlist as well; Cheers (Fedras & FN)

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