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I made my first country song lmk what ya think of it. And how would I get on playlists?


I made my first country song lmk what ya think of it. And how would I get on playlists?

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  • Build an Audience Your songs are already on all the right platforms and with the blue checkmarks – now what? It's important to build a network of supporters both online and in person. In real life Being involved with people face to face is still the secret. No matter how many algorithms control our lives, fans and journalists are human beings. Establishing a genuine relationship gives you more chance for a sustainable and successful journey for your music. “Sharing with friends, songwriters and radio has the same feeling for me – it's having a relationship with the songs and knowing when the time, person and place feels right” says Joe Holtaway. Your first supporters are the ones that don't let you down: friends, family and internet friends (Like that Twitter friend who likes all your posts). Another thing to remember: to have fans, you have to be a fan! Exchanging songs and praise with other musicians you admire is a fantastic way to network. At the grassroots level, it's often other musicians who organize shows and help co-promote each other with things like their own playlists. Cross-promote with everyone in your network, build a community and follow organically. “I keep a diary of drawings, paintings, quotes, and there I put addresses of those I met at meetings and shows. Often follow-up sharing starts from there with a note the next day, a shared song link. “—Joe Holtaway online Having the right social media profiles is important whether you like social media or not. Get a few that you can manage and keep up to date: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud or Bandcamp. Make a good artist website. Have your friends as followers of your page by clicking on “Invite Friends”.

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