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LOOKING FOR FEMALE RAPPERS [Empowering female rap]


LOOKING FOR FEMALE RAPPERS [Empowering female rap]

Female is dominating the rap game right now and these are the songs that go super hard that you have to know about. SEND ME SUGGESTIONS BELOW IM ALL ABOUT FEMALES IN RAP!

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Thank you so much for supporting Female Emcees. Please Check out my artist Sicily Styles as I hope you would consider her for your playlist. Sicily Styles is a Gunniess World Record Freestyle Holder for 12 hours and 2 mins.

Hey @ewei, awesome playlist concept! I'm a woman mc from NY, so linking to my page and a few of my favorite women emcees who are also my friends lol:


Lex Rush:
Anna Diorio:


This artist has some good songs that may fit your playlist!!

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