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Latin Trap


Latin Trap


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Hi, my name is Divo and I'm an latin hip hop artist. I'd like to submit my new track "El Rey" for consideration to be added to your awesome playlist! Thank you for your support.


URI: spotify:album:6yn0kWAtTuffHXMbZcNJNU

Song link:

Aye this song would be a great fit for this playlist!



I love your playlist! Check out my my brand new release here.

Be careful, the chorus will stick in your mind for days! ๐Ÿ˜„
I sing mainly in Spanish, with a touch of English and French. Check out the flow and accent! The beat is very catchy, the lyrics are simple, fun yet smart. 

The single is already playing in a few clubs in New York and Brooklyn. 
Let me know your thoughts!

Hello ramirorb,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to submit Sabiรธ SigSauer, for consideration to be added to your playlist.

Track Details:

Thank you for considering our submission. We are open to any feedback you may have and are more than happy to provide any additional information you may require. We look forward to the possibility of being featured on your Playlisy and appreciate the incredible platform youโ€™ve created for discovering new music.


Warm regards,

Sabiรธ Records

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