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Love is like water (harmonic playlist)


Love is like water (harmonic playlist)

Hi all, I have been working on this playlist since around february of 2023, and it's an addition to my 'Harmony is to melody as music is to heart' playlist but also stands alone as its own.  Through this I have learned even more about music, harmony, rhythm, and even DJ'ing, as I have worked to make something that sounds as much like a dj mix as possible while only using the fader function in spotify set to 7 seconds.  This is an underwater adventure where we will travel to an exciting and mysterious destination.  It is also a love letter.  So I have been thinking of all three of those things while making it, which means that there's a plenty amount of beat matching but also places where the sound fades out and in quickly, creating the impression of a space.  I think they are tasteful spaces.  There are also some places where the mix is slightly fuzzy but I left it because it's not very noticeable and easily forgotten.  I have listened to this a whole lot, being very critically minded about it, and have made adjustments over time until it is at the place where I believe I have found a happy medium between all those goals that is very creative and enjoyable to listen to.  It is meant to rise and fall like waves on the ocean. I hope you enjoy.

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