Let's share metal music!  I've put together an epic metal playlist that is mostly oldschool but worthy new material from bands are also included. Over 190 hours of music already included in the playlist and more songs to be added regularly. This is a mixed metal playlist of my favourite songs and memories over my lifetime containing heavy metal, power metal, prog rock/metal, death metal, black metal, thrash metal and hard rock. If you enjoy the almighty playlist give me and the playlist a follow. Happy listening and bang your head \m/


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Hey mate have given you a follow. Thanks for sharing your music taste cheers! \m/

Why thank you! Glad you like my playlists!

There's not enough Metal on this community so thanks for creating this thread, the more metal playlists here the better. So here's another one of mine... with some double-barrelled blasts of metal from the heyday of RR.  (They were kind enough to employ me for a while, so I like to return the favour!)


There's something here for everyone...


Hello Blueshirt! Thank you for your contribution to the post. Sick playlist! I have followed you and look forward to checking out songs I haven't heard before. That's awesome that you were involved with RR! \m/

Awesome playlist.  Just gave you a like.  Thanks for Sharing.

I have 3 Metal playlists I'd like to share:


Metal - Classics, Alternate, Progressive, Melodeath/Gothenburg, Atmospheric


Instrumental Metal Songs - there's something special about instrumental metal songs!


Folk Metal


Guitarist and Audiophile. Love to everything except the current pop music

Thanks heaps! Glad you like the playlist. Cheers \m/

Hey mate, thanks for your contribution to the post and sharing your awesome playlists. Great to see not only some classic stuff but an instrumental playlist too! Have given you a follow \m/

Nice lists! We are a spanish band with gothenburg, american metal and others styles influences, singed in spanish language. If you want to put our music in your list would be very nice!

Thanks heaps. Awesome that you're enjoying it! 😃 \m/

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