Mood Based Playlists - Growing Collection

Mood Based Playlists - Growing Collection

The most instrumental and influential women in modern music; inspiring all of us to be unapologetically powerful.

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For the days when the sadness needs to be embraced and explored before being let go off.

Songs about needing something more than what’s on offer; that crave deeper connections in a world where meaning is hard to find.

Songs that make you reflect on life; realise that something need to change, maybe even yourself. 
Very healing vibes!


That limitless love, that lets you grow but doesn’t ask you to change; that blows up tour world while fitting in perfectly. That real, deep down, grown up, forever love.


Songs that give voice to important social issues. They tackle them differently but the messages are just as important. 

I end this one on a positive note 🙂


Chech out that aesthetically pleasing collection. Soft songs somethimes mixed with slightly more active piches and carefully transitioned back:)




Songs for when the relationship is over and the whole journey of mixed emotions you go through. Starting on a low but ending on a high!!

Songs about real friendship. Some sad, some joyous, some reflective but all honest.



my sad playlist, mostly keshi and joji

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