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Let me know what you guys think of my playlist and theme, I'd love the feed back. 

If you like please Follow/❤️.


Plus respond with your playlist and let me know what music you're listening too!



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i loved listening to this, great taste! just followed, here's one of mine 🙂


Your list is dope too! I just followed you back. This will definitely be
for my work out.

any listener of good hip hop is a friend of mine. that new Joey Bada$$ was so lit . i dropped a like . Here's a playlist for your consideration. Feel free to drop a like and i hope you enjoy it .

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

I really like your playlist too!

I just followed back.

This is sick.. I followed back. Im locked in!

I love the energy.. I followed back!

This is super vibey so far.. I'm feeling this a lot. I just followed back.

Hi there I would love to share the playlists I made!

I like to make playlists based on decade, it is kinda an OCD for me:)

You can follow my playlists if u like it~I'll keep on updating and making new one!

Thank you so much!


This is is the playlists I listen to the most~I love the 90's as I was born in the 90's! This is my 90's rock music playlist!


and this is also a 90's playlist, but with more R&B and Pop classic hits!


This is my 80's rock music playlist with mostly hard rock and metal songs~


and this is another 80's playlist, with mostly hits pop songs and some dance/electro music


This is my 70's rock playlist with many classic long songs~


My 70's playlist with mostly pop/soul hits~


This is my playlist with all the oldies from 50's 60's, mostly traditional pop~


This is my 00's playlist, songs that people born in 90's grew up with~high school's memories!

Great playlist. I'm following!


This is my upbeat alt/indie playlist:

Just finished my second playlist.


Satanic Ritual: Masked elites gather at a remote mansion for a night of **bleep** orgies, hallucinatory drugs, and majestic liturgies to **bleep**, eventually climaxing to a **bleep** end.


Inspired by works such as The 120 Days of Sodom, Eyes Wide Shut, and The **bleep** Rides Out.


This one gets pretty heavy so listen at your own risk lol!

I love your 00's and 90's list! I locked in.

Thanks for the list, I just followed it.

Hey! Here is my ‘String Textures’ playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical string music. Great for relaxation, focus, reading or if you just love string music! Please have a listen/follow if you like! 👏❤️

I really enjoyed listening to Rap Gene . Such a great playlist . I followed . Here is a playlist for everyone's consideration . please check it out , drop a like and enjoy .

From what I've heard it's dope, great mixture of different artists globally. Will follow for sure, check out mine as well, more mellow for the evenings.  

Great list man! Found some new music to vibe to 😄 Followed!

Please check out my rap list, and let me know what you think 🙂

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