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Need your Mellow SOUND!


Need your Mellow SOUND!

H I G H 💫 C H I L L 💫 M E L L O W 💫.


Emphasis on music discovery with laid back Hip-Hop, R&B and everything in between.


Stay tune for weekly updates and share your music below!!

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this is a really chill playlist with some rnb, some hiphop, chillwave, chill pop, all the good vibes 

mostly indie, chill, laid back, rock, heart break songs!

(inspired by my breakup :))

I like a lot your playlist, I have followed it! Hope you can check mine and follow back, let's motivate!

thanks friend

Hi David! I'm your first follow 🙂 could you help me too?

thanks friend

Thank you so much!  I followed your playlist too.

if you like Brent Faiyaz, you'll like this playlist

@prodoe Dope! just followed it

Awesome blend of tracks! I'm working with RnB/soul artist Steve Ray Ladson, who's just released two fantastic singles that would both be great fits:

"Do You Know" - soulful pop / R&B single builds an authentic & irresistible feel-good hook, blending old-school vibes for a warm reflection of love


"Calling Your Name" - gorgeous vocals blend R&B with smooth hip-hop and irresistible pop hooks, reflecting on the universal need for love and human connection

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