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New Songs!


New Songs!

I would really love to hear what your favorite songs and playlists are!

Just post it down below 🙂

Thanks and have a nice day!



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if you listen to rap/hiphop or pop "on me" by famous stix is a great song

thank you for the suggestion 🙂

Im listening to the song right now,  and i think its a great song with much potential.


i totally agree with you levi !

what do you think about "normal" from eminem? or do you dislike eminem?

also, what do you think about the classic "Candy Shop" from 50 Cent?


Eminem is fire, i think that song is dope he's  always speakng**bleep** and painting the picture. Candy shop by 50 is a classic although i havnt heard it in a while id sing along if i was hear it still.

what do you think is the best song by eminem?

also cool you like this style!


thats very tough to answer, Em has a huge catalog. some of my favorite songs are "No Love", "stan", "loose yourself" theres way way more but these 3 come to mind

same! there are so much good songs, i have to write down the albums.

the "marshall Mathers LP" is one of my alltime favorites.

classic album, Em is solid

have you seen "8mile" on netflix? i think its a really good movie!

of course lol


Hopefully our new single is going to be on somebody's list of songs they love!

This is a little indie playlist which, in my opinion, contains real gems.

Let me know what you think ^^



This playlist is curated with people like you in mind. Bold, new music you won't find anywhere else1 Hip-Hop, Funk, R&B, Dance... we got you covered. 

Nice work. The beat is dope.

Here's me and SuicideBlades new EP

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