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If you have a playlist you'd like to promote. Post them here!

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My post-rock and shoegaze playlist. Hope you like it! More than 400 songs, updated regularly.

A much needed dose of fresh & ment for the thirsty ears. In this playlist the MENT Ljubljana festival focuses on local, regional and European music production crossing borders, genres and ideas.

Progressive rock/metal playlist curated and monthly updated by our prog community:

This playlist contains killer metal tracks new and classics.

It will be completely refreshed every 3 weeks and always contains around 30 songs for you to enjoy!  But be warned, it's brutal and fast and full of screams!!!

This time: The 7th song of 30 amazing albums.

Until the new update!

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1. Trap Hits- Best Rap hits of 2020


2. Tik Tok Vibes- Trending songs on the app tik tok, dance to these beats


3. Rap City- Best Rap trends of all times

This is my indie-rock playlist!!! If you want to listen to more indie-rock but don't know where to start.. here you gooo!!


This playlist is a collection of future pop & chill edm music.




Motivational/Go Hard Workout Playlist (Trap, Rap, EDM, Metal, Hardcore, Etc.)

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