Hi there! I'm looking for different genres to listen to expand my music taste. If you have any playlists to recommend, comment it under this post. Oh, and make sure to check out other playlists in the comments, there might be some that you like 🙂
This is also a place to promote your playlist, so if you have any playlists you want to grow, comment under this post! Make sure to check out mine too! A follow on my playlists would be appreciated 😊
This playlist is called "lonely summer nights." This playlist is great for when you feel alone. There are about 70 songs, and I update my playlists often 🙂 
My other playlist is called "serotonin boost." This playlist is perfect for long car trips, dancing in the rain with friends, and if you ever want to feel like the "main character" in your life. 
Happy Listening! 

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Thanks! I'll definitely check them out

If you could follow my playlist that would be greatly appreciated


MIRROR’d  is a monthly playlist hosted via WIDE Radio - aimed to elevate the sound and visions of alternative, experimental POC artists, across all genres. Submissions welcome 🙂

hey there Tyra , i just liked your playlist as usual you're doing a great job at curating playlists . 

here's playlist i made yesterday . I hope you like it and feel free to drop a like :

Love these playlists - if you fancy a different mood, we are going to be adding to our playlists every two weeks, taking the audience through a musical journey, celebrating 100 years of dance music. Starting with 2020 and heading back to the 1930's, take a look -


Would appreciate it, thank you! 

I would love to get some followers on my playlist.. anyone who follows me will get followed as well... As of right now jus one playlist but it's R&B/ love making music for the most part

Hey there i just followed your playlist and i'm listening to it right now  . Here's mine for your consideration. Looking forward to you liking it and listening to it. thank you in advance

Appreciate it! I like ur playlist too #following lol

Thanks! Stay tuned for more ! 

hey, followed your lonely summer nights playlist, really hits me in the feels. if you're into that sad lofi vibe, check out my playlist:


if anyone else wants to exchange lmk:))

Loving these playlists


Please check out mine, it's very chill 🙂

Hi everyone! WOW, you guys are PROS at curating playlists! You guys are so good like whatt
Just followed everyone's playlists 💕 will definitely listen to them often

The first one has upbeat/positive alternative, pop, and hip-hop

The second one has rap, hip-hop, RnB, and alternative for late-night chilling


great playlist!

I recommend this playlist with a lot of different artists


and also this playlist with a chill vibe

hope you like it!

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