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Playlist Exchange

Hi! I made a new playlist.


I know being alone sometimes is good but with the right music it’s better! 

Follow and stream 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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Love this!

Different vibe but here is my ‘Piano Phases’ playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical piano music. Great for studying, focus, reading or if you just love piano music! Please have a listen/follow if you like 👏

definetly a different vibe from what i use to but i still love your taste so so much!!! very nice track selection having kodaline in there! ill give your playlist a follow i'd love if you can support me by giving me a follow or just liking my new track i am and upcoming producer who just recently released my first single happy listening and feel free to share music with me in the future 🙂

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