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Playlists Needed

Hey All! - I want to hear about some of your favorite playlists that you've made. Share them with me? 


This is what I'm listeneing to:

I dig through the internet to find new music so you don't have to!
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Hi @Maddy_Sundquist from the Artist on your own playlist, you might enjoy this


and this is a playlist I change the tracks every week, some themed but always carefully selected to blend together and always with a Soulful or Jazzy theme, this week highlighting a favourite record label of mine


I love James Vincent McMorrow and Ray LaMontagne. 2 of my favs


Feel free to check out my playlists if you want, here's my current one...



Dẳzed Dẳisy's ◈ Hẳzey Dẳys - neo psycadelic inspired

concept: Awakening from a mystical adventure in your mind, a dazzling daydream. As reality begins to render you captive, you're desperately searching for the key to reopen the wondrous world in your mind... Emerging from the depths of hazey playlist obscurity, this collection of tunes will set you free...


Fllw the Ghsts⟿ Spooky beats and ethereal vocals.

concept: You're staying the night in a lighthouse perched on the edge of tall cliff, waves crash far below as rain and wind whips around the tower howling into the night. Inside candles flicker and the fire burns bright as the ghostly voices of maidens whose lovers were lost at sea echo and bounce through the rooms.


Synthia's Disco Biscuits ❂ ✪ ☺ - a funky house of disco inspired tunes, including all the best disco classics, disco inspired house, disco funk, nu disco and new age glitch disco. 

concept: from musical melting pot of crisp brass, tribal drums, falsetto, funky bass lines, soul singing, violins and appreciation for the repetition of fresh hooks combined to form a genre so wonderful, that for the musical gift it gave man a spinning mirror ball was made in its honor. Also a dedication to partying with my disco biscuit loving friend Synthia Jones.




Here's mine! It's a 2 hour playlist full of lofi, chillhop, ambient, and indie tracks. I add tracks almost everyday!


Hey, this is my chill R&B/hiphop playlist with so many bangers, i'd love to gain some more followers:

Playlist inspired by mainstream electronic music (alternative dance, electro house, synth pop, techno, downtempo, electroclash, chillout, trance, electronic rock, drum'n'bass, nu rave etc.).

Here is everything that I'm loving in August, the Sunday of Summer.

Most of the time I'm listening these two playlists : 
this one while working with progressive sounds without anoying ones (I'm easily distracted)

Design Focus


and that one for chilling, it has all styles but very chilly sound. This playlist was made to calm down my ex's anxiety attacks. 

Chill when needed


Cheers ! this is my sad playlist. I gotchu with some more tho bro

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