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Promote/Share your playlists here !!


Promote/Share your playlists here !!

Here you can share any playlist you want  . I will surely follow the playlists If i like them . If you are into edm ,  You can check out my playlist EDM Vibes . Its a mix of all edm genres mainly progressive house , future bass , melodic dubstep and other genres . Hope you follow my playlist !! Thanks .

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Hello! Thank you very much for sharing your playlist, started following it. I don't usually listen to EDM music, but I will give it a shot! Here are mine playlists in pretty much different genre. Have a nice listen!

"Indie, alternative and experimental rock lesser known tracks!" (playlist features fresh songs with less than 500k streams) from debuting artists and off the radar bands:

Indie, alternative and experimental rock lesser known tracks! 

"sad songs :(" Mainly features slow/ moderate tempo songs, with powerful vocals, melancholic tones and sad lyrics:

sad songs 😞 

hey there i followed your playlist but only the indie one , im not much of a fan of those type of songs so yea 

Nice to hear! I hope you will enjoy it as mush as I do!

Hey - love the playlist! Different vibe, but here is my 'String Textures' playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical string music. Great for relaxation, focus, reading or if you just love string music! Have a listen/follow if you like 👏

Hey, there is a summer/beach vibe playlist for those who can't wait for summer

Wow i like your playlist man ! its a follow for me.


Night Drive🔊🎵 Bass Boosted , Deep House , EDM 🔥Weekly Updated🔥


This playlist is especially for late night rides. You will find a mix of EDM, HOUSE and the best bangers from your favorite artist. Follow for new songs weekly.


Follow us on instagram: night_drive_spotify. 


If you're practicing choreographies, you should check this out. 

Big playlist of relaxing Indie & alternative songs by female artists. Enjoy!

Hii! Here's a playlist I made for whenever you're feeling happy or just want good vibes songs! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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