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Promote your favorite lesser known artist!


Promote your favorite lesser known artist!

Maybe they're a new artist, maybe they've been around for years but they don't get the attention they deserve.  Whatever the case may be, here's your chance to help them out.  Post the link to your favorite song of theirs and lets get them some listeners.  


The link to mine is:

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I've discovered a very nice duo of artists on youtube yesterday, here's his album on spotify 

I like a lot the track 'Into the Black Hole'

Spotify artist doing video games music covers.
55+ covers available on Spotify


Joel Plaskett - Come on Teacher


Joel Plaskett and his band The Emergency. A folk rock musician from Nova Scotia Canada who runs his own label, he was formerly of the rock band Thrush Hermit, and his newest album features songs he wrote and plays with his father bill plaskett. his sound ranges from traditional folk to alt rock. his lyrical style is a bit poetic, romantic and personal. 

Australian band Dead Letter Circus took me by surprise a couple years back. They have a really awesome alt-rock sound.


MuteMath I have been with since day 1 (2002). I think they could always use a little more exposure for how talented and unique they are.

Here is a great band with their new album that i think should get more attention

I've become fond of this band, i heard them live and fell in love with their sound, they are truly underappreciated and unknown.

The Midnight


The Midnight - Nocturnal (13/10/2017)


Story: The Midnight is a synthwave duo founded in Los Angels in 2012. The duo consists of Danish producer, songwriter and singer, Tim McEwan, and American singer-songwrtier, Tyler Lyle. The two musicians meet at a random co-writing session in LA. Combining Tim's 80's aesthetics with Tyler's singer-songwriting skill they soon found joint studio chemestry. For more infor check out their official Spotify page/bio.


Genre: Electronic 

Style: 80'ies influenced Synthwave

What's up,


Just dropped my new EP, Trizzy SZN.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  And be sure to follow my Trizzy Trav artist page.  Much love!


I would like to see if you like my music!

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Lizzy Kindred (electronic/lo-fi):

Check out my group we just released our first ep and were all teenagers heres my favorite song from the ep

Charice Pempengco (was on Glee)

Chill vibes if you're having a rainy day like me 🙂 I've been following this girl for so long and she needs so much more recognition for her work. Check her out and give her some love





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It's crazy good! Thanks for sharing, love the new find 🙂

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Mellow vibes for an Autumn afternoon. Thank you 🙂

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MC Rich - Complete Discography

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