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R&B/HipHop Playlist


R&B/HipHop Playlist

I just want to show my current playlist. I have been listening to a lot of R&B lately, so I decided to make a playlist focusing mainly on that. At the moment, it isn't too big but I pretend to add more songs and keep it updated. Also, the music in it is very recent. I am down to hear your suggestions and I hope you enjoy it! 

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Ill give your playlist a follow if you follow mine

Nice playlist! Just recently opened my main playlist a week ago which has almost 1500 songs. Playlist consists of Hip-Hop/Edm/Little Bit of LoFi/Underground/R&B (mostly rap) which contains several big and underrated music artists. Feel free to discover new music in this playlist. However, there are questionable songs i don't listen to haha. Simply put the playlist to recently added to get update because I upload almost daily. Enjoy your listening!

You may be into our music. Let us know what you think yo!

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