(Really Awesome) LGBT Playlist, 135+ songs

(Really Awesome) LGBT Playlist, 135+ songs

So because I have a very sad life, I thought I might as well find some LGBT orientated songs because as far as I knew there weren't that many other than a few, and while searching on Spotify I only found a few more, even in playlists titled "lgbt" and stuff.  So I spend hours gathering some of the gayest songs around and decided to share it with you guys.  Why, you may ask? Why not? (I had nothing better to do and it was the highlight of my summer.)


If you're interested, it's called 'ULTIMATE LGBT' under the user 'alorralegend'.


If you know of any more songs I should add hit me up

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Hello @alorralegend and welcome to the community.


Thanks to feel the need to share with us. However, when you post a playlist you have to post it in the board "Playlists Exchange" and you have, of course, to give a link to make it listenable for other users of the community. 🙂

1 - You can edit your post and add a link.

2 - When it's done, I will move it to the appropriate board.


Good luck in the community 🙂


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Just found your playlist alorralegend, it's very good! Have an LGBT song to add: https://open.spotify.com/track/4TIKq51sHv5gYca7IFHS9H

Hey! You're so awesome for making this playlist. I'm gonna have to bump it this weekend at Nashville pride. 


I'd love to submit my song "My Type" for the playlist as well. 🙂



Here's three songs to add to your LGBT Playlist:

Love Transcends is a transgender love on the album "In My Heart" 



Mesmerizing is a female love duet also on the album "In My Heart"



"In My Heart"is dialog/love song between two parnters deciding about marriage, on the album "In My Heart)


Find us online: Q Review LGBTQ Music Project at qreview .ca and our weekly New Q Playlist at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6WmCVnyGDVsMGmxvEh1C2d?si=hHSx2EhbTty53a3iSZKQjw

Hi, how do I submit my music for consideration on LGBT playlists?
Below is my spotify link if your interested in checking out my stuff. Thanks https://open.spotify.com/artist/6sc8b0h9KYQJhQDscrirvf

Hey! I have an online form for releases you can use at https://www.qreview.ca/releases.html or you can always email me at *snip*


😊 Kenney 

Hey guys! I've been trying to get Spotify to answer my question of "how to get categorized as an LGBT artist" when you pick your genres. They have different cultures and heritages, but I know I personally would love to be able to search for LGBT artists on the platform. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm an LGBT artist myself, if you're interested here's my latest track! 

Hey all! Just released this song on Friday and it's about growing up to be who you have been all along, "Evergreen". Let me know what you think!



Hi my name Brandon but my artist name is “The Eazy Life”
I made this song here as a form of supporting the LGBT community.
I think it would fit perfectly on your playlist is honk many people would enjoy it. Thank you for consideration and hope you give my song a shot. Happy New Years!!


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