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Recommend a band with fewer than 50 followers


Recommend a band with fewer than 50 followers

I´m searching for the next big thing ?!


Sofia Vaz


Following 🙂


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Nice thread @joaomcvaz, below 50 followers is quite the challenge so it should be interesting. 


FFANGS has 19 followers but this "Wonder" is worth checking out if you want something with an 80s-vibe that could easily slip into the Drive soundtrack:



You'll be hard pressed to find a band with fewer followers than indie rock band Let's Away. They've got just 2 but their new song is really great.


London/ Manchester based band, can't seem to find a record label they're associated with.



Född Död


Född Död


Beautiful ambient, minimal synth band, 43 followers at the moment.

"Studie i närhet, längtan och besvikelse " is one of my favorite Albums from this year, really nice.

My Spotify Playlists:

EASY!!! All Hands Up! music artists.


Only 6 followers in Nigel Hard ft. Jasmin Massino. Get Ready for this - turn up the bass!


This duo followed me on Twitter, and they looked interesting. I'm literally their only follower.



MORLY has 50 followers but her EP is out in August so she's sure to garner more attention:





Andrew Spatz ( 1 Follower ..... Me )



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Thirty Pounds Of Bone ( 41 Followers )


Read More:


The Taxidermist

Armellodie records - 2015



Multiface (21 followers)

Vanilla Edit (16 followers)

The track that goes on every morning right now, Handing Out Stones

@meahtenoha, excellent choice with FFANGS. I love this album and the singer is a good friend of mine. Glad to see him getting some love on here!
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I suggest Skewered Skies if you're into progressive rock or metal. They've got four followers, including me.


I've been digging Psychic Soviets, whose only streaming presence is on the Song by Toad comp... actually there are a few great bands on it that would qualify.

And an incredible rock supergroup (like a canadian Styx) not streaming is

another comp that features a bunch of bands that would qualify.

I just discovered this guy recently. He's a DJ and also a graffiti artist.


and watch for these guys (not on the streaming services yet):


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