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Hi everybody!! I would love to discover your Playlists. Here is one created by me, with international rap, r&b and indie music. It is daily updated with new music. Please give it a go and follow if you like it. 

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Hey guys! I love finding new music and would like to check out your guys' playlists 🙂

@asmp  Each song stays for one month, so this list is always "fresh" 🙂

Check out this chill hip-hop and R&B playlist I made, lots of new music for you on here 😃


Great playlist! Defnitely one for hip/rap lovers, and i love that you update it with new stuff weekly. Keep it up ! 🙂


Followed ! I absolutely love this playlist ! I'm a big fan of jazz instrumentals and will definitely be heading to this playlist a lot 🙂


Edit: Another great playlist ! I'm thinking of compiling a playlist of 80's music myself and will definitely be heading to yours for inspiration. Keep it up ! 🙂


Awesome playlist ! I definitely feel the hype in this playlist, which is great for workout sessions. Keep it up ! 🙂


Love the vibe of this playlist ! 

Hi, I'm Frank Castillo. CEO of Plus One and graphic designer
The last and best of rock: "¡Dame la p*ta guitarra!"

Thanks and subscribe!


Great playlist ! Discovering some new great rock songs here ! 🙂

I am a composer of instrumental music and I love to listen to instrumentals. So, I have created a playlist with instrumental music from various artists. Have a listen and if you like follow ☺

Here's a playlist with songs in the cryptic hill-tribe language "Swiss German" (only spoken by 5 million people worldwide). Enjoy, follow + learn crypto-language! 💚 


Followed ! Great playlist !

@ Magganpice 

Very cool ! Thanks for showing me something new ! 

Here's a playlist for all you Ariana Grande fans, these are my personal favorites 🙂




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