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September Tracks!


September Tracks!

Hey everyone,


September has officially arrived tomorrow, which means that Autumn/Fall is definitely on it's way. So...let's hear your September tracks! 🙂


Note: You don't need to have the mention of September in the song title or song. Pick something you associate with this month if you wish! 


Here's one to get you all started...



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Hate to be obvious, but...  spotify:track:3ZffCQKLFLUvYM59XKLbVm

Despite it being an obvious one (like my own), it's a good song! 😄

A song about the best time of year from the best band of all time. Period.

Manic Street Preachers - 'Autumnsong'

This one's in the band name... a bunch of super-cool post-punk lasses from Ireland.
September Girls - 'Another Love Song'

One from the most uncategorizable band ever, about big chunky knits. Very autumnal.
Yo La Tengo - 'Autumn Sweater'

Tenous... But this is a bootleg live recording from September 1976.
The Sex Pistols - 'Problems'

Big fan of the Manic's song, @Jack

Nice choice, @AA237!

Let's add a jazzy touch to this topic 🙂

The Shins are one of my favourites, @user-removed!

If you're into lounge/electronic: Gold Panda - Autumn Fall 


Perfect for a serious chill session 😉

May I add some tracks with no mention of September on the title but a fall/autumn feel? Most of them are recent too.




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This new Sandy Rivera track is sweet:



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porfavor podriais subir la cancion this girl de laza morgan

Nice choices, @KatesHere! You're right...they didn't need to have the song title or mention of September, just something that you associate with this month. 🙂

Thanks for all of your suggestions so far! I've enjoyed going through and playing what you're all sharing. Keep them coming. 🙂

Hola @batys90


Spotify hace todo lo posible por tener toda la música del mundo en su catálogo, lamentablemente a veces no es posible debido a licencias y acuerdos con las discográficas. Puedes encontrar más información aquí:

Ok, this is a sad song, and I associate it with the autumn.
Personally, I like autumn, but I feel it's like a "sad" season, leaves fall, cold and rainy days...

So a sad song with a "sad" season.


Also, the song is in the credits of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, so yeah, it's sad.

Anything by Fleet Foxes gets me in the autumnunal spirit!

In particular: White Winder Hymnal.

"reflections of September, when....."


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