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Share Lofi HipHop ect...


Share Lofi HipHop ect...

good stuff

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Hey all!  Here's a Lofi collaborative playlist I got access to recently:


Please make sure you read the playlist description so your songs can remain on the playlist. You have to follow the curator, playlist, AND ProducerTrentTaylor (Artist's Page). Also, no more than 4 songs.


I collect collaborative playlist links to share with others. PM me if you know of one. I'll send you the link to another one as a thanks! 🙂

Please like this post and share it with others. 

I like how it's all lofi, and then 'I Love It' by Kanye West & Lil Pump is at the bottom

Hey  @akiragautama ,


Are you accepting submissions for either playlist? I noticed that neither of them are collaborative. 


If you would like to turn these into collaborative playlists or make new collaborative playlists, please message me. I'll share them with our group and add your playlist to our website. Talk to your soon!

This is exactly what you are looking for! Let me know what you think!

Hey all, just started a new project called Galaxy Donuts and uploaded my first track. Hope you can check it out while I check out some of these playlists!

hi i believe my song would fit perfectly in the playlist. try it 🙂

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