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Share Small artists and Bands here


Share Small artists and Bands here

Do you have any smaller and less known artists or bands you want to share.

Post them here:


Here's a band and an artist i wanna share.

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This is a psychedelic/Indie rock band names Don't Tell Dena from Oklahoma City.  Here is a new album they recently released.

Phases of the Moon


Here's Secret Destiny, one unknown artist from germany. This was just released a few days ago:

We are a small pop rock band from Uruguay with more than 30 songs in spotify.



DJ Sagiv S, but spotify doesn't have him. 

Dj Niso is also good. Both are Israeli. 

I have been listening to Summer Salt for a while and I love the vibe of their music! I would consider them to be indie rock! Check them out!! 

Check out my band Coldswell. We are an Indie/Shogaze band from Cleveland Ohio. If you like what you hear stay tuned because our first full length album is going to drop later this year.


Social Links:


Thank you for giving us a listen!


spotify:user:t4ylorswift:playlist:5D40AWTUZufxCMxt5E200s this playlist has so many underrated songs and artists!

Beta Bow is an indie pop band from Austria, this is their catchiest tune:

Hey, Heres an undiscovered gem. Nice large sounding tunes, well worth a listen.

This is a great unknown producer. He makes future bass and future house

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