Share Your Favorite Christmas Songs and Playlists

Share Your Favorite Christmas Songs and Playlists

Share your favorite new and classic Christmas Songs, and post your Holiday Playlists. 

Here's my new X-Mas Playlist (would like to keep adding to it, so please share your favorites!):


X-mas Party! 


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Here is the official Top 40 most played Christmas songs in Norway! A lot of international, but some Norwegian songs you guys should check out!

cool! thx for sharing

Happy Christmas to you, I don't think this would be out of place amongst that awesome playlist of christmas songs. Ive written and recorded this like the old school christmas  songs, I hope you like it. I also teach kids guitar and they love it aha ! 

 White Knuckle

hi everyone!

this is my christmas playlist filled with the most festive songs for this time of year

would love if you gave it a listen!

lmk what you think ❤️

That's what's hot in Cuba right know
Cuban Trap

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