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Share a playlist from the user above!


Share a playlist from the user above!

Music taste is one of the best ways of getting to know someone. If you share a mutual love of UK 80s synth-pop with someone, you know you're probably going to like them. 


With that in mind, let's post a link to our Spotify profiles and have the user below share a playlist of yours they find cool/interesting/has music on it they love.


To play:

  1. Open the profile link of the previous poster and share a link to one of their public playlists.
  2. Post a link to your own profile.

To find a link to your profile: Go to your profile inside Spotify, then right-click your name, then Copy Profile Link. Paste that link in your reply.


Note: when posting your profile, double-check you don't have any public playlists you don't want the world to see. If you do, right-click them and Make Secret


Now let's have some fun, get to know each other, and help each other discover great music!


I'll start with a link to my profile: ambigram0


For common support questions, see
To judge my musical taste, check out my
70 Replies


Loved this playlist!



Here's the link to my profile.



Time to find out what @Rorey did this summer:



Now do your worst (actually don't, I haven't had a proper chance to clear it up in a while): jackdangerhurst

I love Jack's 'Pop songs I don't hate':


My profile:



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Don't even need the profile link, already follow this one from @Greg :



It might be winter now but this one keeps me smiling! 😄 


My profile is hammeh

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Not sure why the "Music Quiz" title but this playlist by Peter has Neil Young and Prince so it wins 🙂


My profile: merehumphrey

This one spoke to me


My profie is found here

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Check album availability here

We've just spent some time cleaning out spam in this game thread. Follow the rules of this thread (do not promote your own music, playlist, profile) or you will be removed and banned. 


I'm going to share @Christoffer's "Filmmusik" playlist which caught my eye:



Heres a link to my Profile: Check out the Playlists

I love the "SUMMER Hits" playlist from Rafyl Choudhury:


And here's a link to my profile:

Let's see if we share music tastes!  🙂

leaving my profile so you can check out my playlists.


I suppose most of your playlists are built of local files? :')

There isn't a lot of matching sounds between us (I do approve the classical bits there!), but you seem to have quite an interesting library there.
For other people I'd share a playlist of non-local files:


@OLCHAOS - I like Shakira, but I appreciate if you followed the thread's rules which are: share a playlist from the previous user's profile, and then give a link to your profile. Thanks for understanding! 🙂


My own user is right here!

Time to get your groove on on the dancefloor with @lucaguerrieridj



Follow me

Often chill, some danceable, quite diverse (indie-pop / indie-r&b / dance-pop / ...), I enjoyed a lot of titles of this Playlist by raaquelmc "Mindand discovered some new artists.

My profile : Mik Dewil

I'm new in the chat. This is my playlist and my favourite. Follow if you like

Umm...not to be a party pooper, but I think you're supposed to leave a link to your profile and also comment which playlist of the previous person (the last one to comment) was your favorite. (Don't worry, I'm pretty much a newbie too)

Hmm, I'm just going to carry on from the last person who actually followed the rules and posted their favorite playlist from the person above, and linked to their profile.. even if it is a removed user.

I like some songs from each playlist, but this one would have to be my favorite
I especially love that Johnny Cash cover. 

Link to my user;

@annistyn good on you for reviving the thread!


I loved this list: 100 Song Challenge.




Always fascinating to get an insight into the most influential music in a person's taste.

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