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Share your Instrumental / Neo - Classical / Piano / Strings Playlists!!


Share your Instrumental / Neo - Classical / Piano / Strings Playlists!!

I am looking for some new instrumental music - send me your lists!


Here is mine - updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical string music. Great for relaxation, focus, reading or if you just love string music! Please have a listen/follow if you like 👏 

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Thought you might like these two tracks.  The first is Ryuichi Sakamoto’s instrumental version of “Forbidden Colours”, the main theme song from the film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Furyo).  Some of you oldies out there will remember the 1983 vocal version performed by David Sylvian of the band Japan.


The Second is “Flying Into Tokyo” from Magnetic Man’s 2010 self-titled debut album.

check out the instrumental cover by a Sting Song "Fields of Gold"

i liked your playlist!! check mine out, it has very similar vibes :))

i think you'll really like this!! i love yours 🙂

Thank´s , yes I like yr playlist a lot.
You might check the piano player Johannes Cernota from my list and may be you can add him to yr list, would be really great

Uli Balss

Thank´s for letting me know, some nice piano playlist, please check out Johannes Cernota.
There might be some tracks which would fit perfectly to yr playlists.

Feel free to propose the piece you want me to add via Dailyplaylist:


Thank you! 🎹



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