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→ Share your playlists here!


→ Share your playlists here!

Any playlist counts! If you think that you got a really good playlist of any type of music just share it here 🙂


Check mines out:


More info about "aesthetic xxx":

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Nice, this is aesthetic! Very chill, really enjoying it 🙂 Is it a private playlist though? When I go to your profile I can't see it listed.

Thanks, yours shows up @JordanIsRoyale. Nice playlist 🙂
I meant @JoSousa though 😛

Guess I should change that. Ha! Thanks! And please share the playlist!


Sorry I was replying via email, and I thought you were directly replying to me. Sorry for the confusion but thanks for the love!

Enjoy this very nice Boom Bap Beats / Hip Hop Instrumentals Playlist ! Its full of Diamonds i created bymyself ! Beat Maker since the 90's !

Thanks, I'm happy you liked it. I don't know why it's isn't listed for you though, you should be able to see it.

That playlist seems very good, I'm gonna give it a try later. Hope it matches my expectations 🙂

Really good, just followed 🙂

A playlist inspired by surfing the west coast of Canada! Hit shuffle and enjoy.

Weekly Playlist of This week’s New music only (updated daily)

Nice playlist, tucklessss 🙂

New Soul Jazz Guitar List!


Guitar-led, soulful  sounds from some of the best jazz string benders of the past 50 years!  Great for a drive, while making dinner, or whenever...


Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 2.37.30 AM.png

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