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Spoken Word Poetry/Music


Spoken Word Poetry/Music

I am hugely into poetry and have found a couple people/groups that do poetry with music and I thought I'd share them and ask you if you know any more because I am desperate to find more Y'all!  Here are some I think you should all check out.


I had to link the whole album because it is really one giant piece.



They call what they do "talk music" and if you can see them live do it.





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Hey, I am a spoken word artist I have a couple tracks out at the minute and an EP coming soon. Check out my tracks and let me know what you think! 

Cool thread @QuasiDiatonic I really enjoy this kind of genre, also I have a Playlist with recent tracks that I find in this thread Spoken Word. You can find over 30 recent tracks in that Playlist. 


Last Friday was released a postum track by Leonar Cohen that is just a thing of beauty 




And one of my two favorits tracks this year belongs to the same album Let Them Eat Chaos by Kate Tempest 






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You should definitely check out La Dispute... also, my first song was a spoken word song, it's very melancholic but it has a funny twist in the chorus. It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!!!

I love spoken word and slam poetry, I used to hang out at Vancouver Poetry Slam and I made a list of some tracks from artists who where around the scene. Some are poetry some are music projects by people who also did slam. Thought folks here might enjoy.

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