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Spotify PlayList Pop Italian Music (constantly updated)


Spotify PlayList Pop Italian Music (constantly updated)

Hi Guys,
some of you have asked me for a PlayList of Italian Pop songs in vogue at the moment, which you would like to be constantly updated in the future.
Understanding your concerns about the automated selections made by Spotify, since the latter is only an algorithm, which is not able to accurately select songs by genre and above all by selecting only Italian music of that genre.
Well here's the Spotify PlayList you asked me for!
In this PlayList there are both the new singles of the most successful Italian singers and the singles of the new emerging Italian singers of the Pop genre.
This PlayList will be constantly updated so that you can always stay updated on the new and most beautiful Italian songs of the pop genre of the moment.
I just have to wish you a good listening!

Pop Italia 3/2021

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