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Spread Your Playlist

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saw this picture of parker posey and immediately had to make a very specific esoteric playlist. wanted it to contain a lot of female rage and gloom through alternative pop and rock including sinead and fiona apple of course. 

Tap in for Afrobeats, Afroswing, Chill Dancehall and Kenyan Jams


4AM In Nairobi 


A selection of the best indie and alternative tacks (2000-2021).

Relaxing ❤️ minute songs - 892 likes - a great playlist of short music to help you chill out

a jo march playlist it genuinely feels like home              

PublishYouOne - Because I Love Music So Much

I am an artist from Eswatini, I update my playlist once a month after finding awesome music. 


The Catalogue for Music from Only Make Waves Music (

rOKS is a minimal and deep music playlists also updated once a month (


Great track by


PublishYouOne - Because I Love Music So Much

How do I get the playlist showing up in my post?


It keeps appearing like this:  


How have you guys managed it appearing as a list?

PublishYouOne - Because I Love Music So Much

Thank you for replying. I think the playlist appears automatically on the post, just copy the link you want to share from the Spotify app, do not shorten it, when posting wait a few seconds it will pop-up on your post.

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