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The Indie Rock Opus


The Indie Rock Opus

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THE INDIE ROCK OPUS is the result of an ambition to create a playlist that compiles the most influential indie albums released (in order) and the best song on each of those albums. Providing us with the history of the INDIE genre.



This is a work in progress, striving for perfection, and each year adding new songs to the list. It now spans from 1986-2015.


From 1986-1989 there's ten albums each year. From 1990-2015 there's 15 albums each year, I've found that to be a good set-up to not compromise the quality of the list. Indie music really came alive in the 90's but was born already in the late 60's with Velvet Underground, though I have not succeeded in backtracking that far yet. I'm thinking of taking 5 albums each year 1967-1979 and 10 albums each year in the 80's. We'll see.


I've done my best, and done a lot of research but from this point I need your help and expertise 🙂 There are plenty of albums and songs on this list that I am unsure about. And they are not in order of release yet. As of now it's in a good listening order instead. I'm adding a PDF (Last update: 2016-02-08) where you can see the order of the songs, and which year they were released.


Please help me finish this. Give me suggestions. Tell me to remove albums, tell me to add albums, tell me to switch songs. I want this to be what it should. And we'll get the history of this genre right.


Let's have good discussions! Cheers!
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