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The Sixties : 1966


The Sixties : 1966

Hi my name is Fred

I have a mission : that is to create a large music library on spotify with playlists per year based on what songs were in the charts that year.

Good or bad songs, it doesn’t matter. If it is in the charts of that year, it’s in de playlist of that year.

The playlists from 1957 – 1964 will be based on the monthly charts of the (not existing anymore) dutch magazine ‘Muziek Parade’.

The playlists from 1965 till now, will be based on the charts of ‘De Nederlandse Top 40’.

I already created playlists for 1959 – 1971.


This is the playlist for 1966 :

The sixties : 1966 


Have Fun & Enjoy,


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