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The UK has the best Indie Folk music in the world!


The UK has the best Indie Folk music in the world!

Hi all,


I absolutely love Indie Folk, and the UK leads the way in this genre with many of the world's most amazing artists. Jake Bugg, Lucy Rose, Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey... all from the UK.


I keep this playlist updated regularly. Hope you enjoy it!

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I think you are right, England, Scotland, Ireland, they all have a real tradition in singing and jamming . Somehow they have it in their blood. I once drove in a public bus through Dublin, one person started singing a song and suddenly the whole bus was singing ... . I Like your playlist. I love Indie Folk, too, collecting it from all over the world. Today also in Australia, Canada and the US they come up with great Indie Folk. But my current favorite comes from London : Arlo Parks . She opens up my new playlist:



Awesome! I just discovered Arlo Parks recently and love her music. I've been listening to 'Cola' on repeat.


Totally agree there is some great music coming out of Australia too. I've got an Aussie acoustic playlist that you might enjoy:



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