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Top Hits (Clean Version)


Top Hits (Clean Version)

A safe for work, family-friendly combination of Todays Top Hits, Pop Rising, and Hot Country. All the best songs with no explicit lyrics!!!


Top Hits (Clean Version)


top hits.PNG

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Hello ! 

This song might be a little be too sad for your playlist maybe, but you might like it 🙂

Thank you for the submission, but you are correct in that they all do have
a melancholy feel to them and it doesn't really fit my playlist style.


Here’s my Clean pop playlist hopefully you’ll like it

Hey Robert,


We came across this playlist, and we think our song Make It Last could work! It's upbeat and clean.

Here's the link to the track!

Hey Robert.....


Just came across you playlist. Nice! Was wondering if you can consider my new single 'i Am Human' for your playlist?

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